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    Bo Staff  6"         Jo Staff 4"

    Nunchaku     Tonfa

   Bokken            Shoto

  Tanto                   Sai


 Escrima Stick

Kobu-do (weapons) where originally farm implements which the ingenious farmers converted into effective protective devices.The Sai or Short Sword was dragged through the soil making furrows to plant seeds.The Sai was originally called "Jutte" it had a single prong at the handle unlike the Okinawan version.The Japanesse police found it effective in blocking the thrusts of the Samurai sword and it was also used against pressure points when making arrests. Japanese Karate practicioners at that time accorded the weapons with a rather cool reception,very few found it interesting enough to try, but once they did they became fascinated.The Tonfa was origianally the handle the handle of the rice grinding wheel.Owkinawan fisherman used the ores of the boat as an effective weapon by scooping up sand or dirt on the flattened end and throwing it into the eyes of the enemy, then thrusting the end of the ore into the throat- killing them instantly. Rigid training and skill are required to master the Okinawan weapons with techniqes which parallel the movements of the Martial Arts.

 Kobudo sessions are on Saturday 2-2.30pm.